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Historic Elliott School Residences +
New Modern Row Homes

A residential project without equal in Nashville, the historic Elliott School condominium residences and contemporary Row Homes offer 45 custom residences in a private enclave of historic Germantown. These one-of-a-kind homes bring together the best elements of historic preservation and elegant functionality for a modern interpretation of the School's 20th century design.


Tornado Recovery & Construction Update

We continue to be inspired and uplifted by the Germantown community and all of Middle Tennessee in the wake of the tornado. The Elliott School and Elliott Row Homes are structurally sound, and ongoing construction of the new residences continues. The historic school building and new row homes were reviewed by structural engineers in the days following the storm and determined safe for continued construction. Clean-up and repairs will continue to take place through mid- to late-April, and we anticipate no more than a two-month construction delay.

The School residences will deliver in Spring 2021.

The new Row Homes will deliver beginning Summer 2020.